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Utilitarian local restaurant doling out traditional diner specialties


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1 review
They never let us down every time we order from them! Thank you


1 review
Reliable. One of my favs. And the whole neighborhood's fav.


Top Reviewer
always good, fast delivery, generous portions


1 review
Great customer service and delicious food!


Top Reviewer
Tuna was excellent! Quick delivery too!

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Top Reviewer
The Townhouse is THE BEST. The family that runs the townhouse has been there for decades! If you want a place where you will feel l like a local and everyone knows your name, this is the place. They remember you, they remember how you like things and the food is top notch diner food and then some. Their brunch is delish, the Gyro's are spectacular, the hamburger's are fantastic and they have perfectly crispy french fries. You really can't go wrong. I'm a total foodie but have been going to this place for 15 years.


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Usually diners are on the greasy side, however Townhouse Diner used fresh products -- grilled cheese that wasn't greasy with fresh tomatoes, mozzarella sticks with fresh tomatoes in the marinara, chicken fingers that didn't ooze grease with fresh honey mustard.... if that wasn't even enough they threw in some fresh fruit! I don't usually write reviews but this place was sooo good that I had too. happy eating!


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This classic NYC diner is my guilty secret. If you want good diner food, this is it. I live fairly close, but even so, they are stunningly fast. If they don't have a delivery guy, one of the cooks or managers delivers it. Everybody is really friendly. Sometimes they include a freebie like fruit salad or a slice of pie. If you're trying to decide on a diner, pick Townhouse!


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Not only did they pay attention to my special request for no potatoes with my breakfast (even though Seamless requires selecting such an option), but the substituted in a free slice of cheesecake. The owner is very nice when you come in in person...and it appears he's also nice even when you do a Seamless order. Good guys!


1 review
best diner in nyc hands down. I havent ordered 1 thing on the menu that I didnt like. The mozzarella sticks are average but not bad by any stretch of the imagination. breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all phenominal from this place. God's honest truth

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